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Getting on the Voter's List

How do I get on the Voter's List?

You can vote in provincial and federal elections and referendums if you are a Canadian citizen and will be 18 or older on polling day.  Most people are registered in the National Register of Electors, which is used to produce the preliminary voters’ lists for provincial and federal elections, by-elections and referendums. If you voted in the last general election, you may be registered to vote at the address where you lived at that time. Elections Canada updates the Register from a number of sources, so if you have moved since then, your address change may also have been registered.  Elections Ontario also maintains its own Permanent Register of Electors. Although information is currently shared between the two organizations, it is best to check with both groups to ensure that you are on both voting lists.  If you have recently moved, turned 18, or have just become a citizen and want to ensure that your name is on the list, contact Elections Canada and/or Elections Ontario for further details.